Dedicated support throughout the treatment journey

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Find a Treatment Center

Provide patients and healthcare professionals information on CAR T Authorized Treatment Centers.

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Patients can learn about potential resources for transportation and lodging assistance.

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Reimbursement Support

Help with benefits investigations, claims appeals information, and potential sources of support for eligible uninsured and underinsured patients.

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Register a patient for therapy if you are a healthcare professional.

Ongoing Commitment

Ongoing Commitment

Kite Konnect Case Managers are available to support healthcare professionals and patients throughout the CAR T treatment journey.

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Kite Konnect® can help with finding an Authorized Treatment Center and provide information about the support resources that may be available to your patient.

1-844-454-KITE [5483], Monday–Friday, 5 AM–6 PM PT or visit

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Please click the links below to view billing and coding information for Kite CAR T therapies, as well as to check payer coverage in your area.

Authorized Treatment Centers are independent facilities certified to dispense Kite CAR T therapies. Choice of an Authorized Treatment Center is within the sole discretion of the physician and patient. Kite does not endorse any individual treatment sites.

Resources may include referrals to independent third-party nonprofit patient assistance programs. These programs are not operated or controlled by Kite. Nonprofit patient assistance program eligibility requirements may vary and are established solely by each independent organization. Kite makes no guarantee with respect to reimbursement or copay assistance for any item or service.

Cell therapy patient programs are for eligible prescribed patients.

CAR=chimeric antigen receptor.