B-cell precursor ALL is a clonal, malignant disease involving blast cells that express antigens such as CD192

  • B-cell precursor ALL is characterized by the accumulation of blast cells that suppresses hematopoiesis
  • CD19 is a cell-surface protein that regulates the immune response3
  • Many B-cell ALL blast cells express CD19, a cell-surface protein expressed on both normal B cells and many B-cell malignancies2
  • CAR T-cell therapy engineers a patient’s own T cells, enabling them to target and kill malignant B cells such as B-cell ALL2,4

TECARTUS is a single-infusion, autologous cellular therapy designed for patients with R/R B-cell precursor ALL, a CD19-expressing malignancy with a high circulating tumor burden1,2,5

TECARTUS® mechanism of action
  1. Target Binding Domain—binds to CD19 on the surface of B cells

  2. CD28 Co-stimulatory Domain

    • CD28, the co-stimulatory domain in TECARTUS, augments T-cell receptor signaling to drive cytokine production and T-cell proliferation
  3. CD3-ζ Activation Domain—activates T cell

TECARTUS binds to CD19-expressing cancer cells and normal B cells1

TECARTUS® binding to cells

Upon engagement with target cells, the co-stimulatory domains activate downstream signaling cascades that result in

  • T-cell activation, proliferation, and acquisition of effector functions
  • Secretion of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines
Killing of cells
This sequence of events leads to the killing of
CD19-expressing cells

TECARTUS manufacturing process: successfully and reliably manufactured for patients with R/R B-cell precursor ALL1

MEDIAN 16-day TURNAROUND TIME from leukapheresis
to product delivery
(range: 11 to 39 days)



*In the ZUMA-3 trial, 6 patients did not receive TECARTUS due to manufacturing failure.1

ALL=acute lymphoblastic leukemia; CAR=chimeric antigen receptor; CD=cluster of differentiation; R/R=relapsed or refractory.

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