Relapse-free survival

2-year analysis: Median RFS was 20.5 months (95% CI: 11.6, NE) in patients who achieved CR/CRi (n=35)1

Relapse-free survival rate graph Relapse-free survival rate graph

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  • In the primary analysis, median RFS was 15.5 months in patients who achieved CR/CRi (n=35)2
  • RFS and OS were secondary endpoints of the ZUMA-3 phase 2, single-arm, open-label study3
  • RFS and OS data are not included in the USPI. RFS and OS data are descriptive and should be carefully interpreted in light of the single-arm study design

55% alive at 2 years (95% CI: 40.1, 67.4)1

  • The 24-month OS analysis included patients who subsequently received allo-SCT (n=10) and who started new anti-cancer therapy (n=6). Not all data continued to be captured at the 2-year follow-up. KM estimate of OS at 24 months was 55%. The KM median OS was 25.4 months (n=54; 95% CI: 16.2, NE)1,4
  • In patients who achieved CR/CRi (n=35), mOS was not reached (95% CI: 25.4, NE) at 26.8 months median follow-up1,4

ALL=acute lymphoblastic leukemia; allo-SCT=allogeneic stem cell transplant; CI=confidence interval; CR=complete remission; CRi=complete remission with incomplete hematologic recovery; KM=Kaplan-Meier; mOS=median overall survival; NE=not estimable; OS=overall survival; RFS=relapse-free survival; R/R=relapsed or refractory; USPI=US Prescribing Information.

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