The first and only CAR T-cell therapy for adults with R/R MANTLE CELL LYMPHOMA, APPROVED
WITH BREAKTHROUGH THERAPY DESIGNATION, NOW HAS ~3 years median study follow-up1-3*


TECARTUS® treatment process
Relapsed/Refractory mantle cell lymphoma graph

Primary analysis

87% ORR (n=52/60)

  • Median study follow-up: 12.3 months1,5

62% CR (n=37/60)1

24-month analysis*

36.5 months mDOR
(n=52; 95% Cl: 14.4, 47.1) at a median study
follow-up of 35.6 months3,4,6

BTKi=Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitor; CAR=chimeric antigen receptor; CD=cluster of differentiation; CI=confidence interval; CR=complete response; DOR=duration of response; mDOR=median duration of response; ORR=objective response rate; PFS=progression-free survival; R/R=relapsed or refractory; USPI=US Prescribing Information.

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