TECARTUS is an autologous cellular therapy designed for R/R MCL, a B-cell malignancy that potentially contains leukemic blasts1,2

CD19 icon. CD19 icon.
  1. Target Binding Domain—binds to CD19 on the surface of B cells2

  2. CD28 Co-stimulatory Domain2

    • CD28 and CD3-ζ, the co-stimulatory domains in TECARTUS, augment T-cell receptor signaling to drive cytokine production and T-cell proliferation
  3. CD3-ζ Activation Domain—activates T cell2

The XLPTM process helps ensure TECARTUS is successfully and reliably manufactured for patients with R/R MCL3

  • The XLPTM process involves a T-cell selection step that may reduce the likelihood of circulating CD19-expressing tumor cells in patients’ leukapheresis material2,3
    • This step was introduced to address the potential risk of premature activation and CAR T-cell exhaustion due to tumor cell exposure during the ex vivo manufacturing process
  • T cells are then transduced with the anti-CD19 CAR transgene2

XLP is a trademark of Kite Pharma, Inc.

TECARTUS is manufactured to remove leukemic blasts found in adult patients with R/R B-cell MCL1

Kite is committed to providing rapid turnaround times, reliable manufacturing, and offering convenient apheresis dates to give patients a chance at realizing the benefits of TECARTUS2,4

*In the ZUMA-2 trial, 3 of the 74 leukapheresed patients did not receive TECARTUS due to manufacturing failure. Real-world data from the US Lymphoma CAR T Consortium demonstrated a similar success rate, with 7 patients out of 189 who did not receive TECARTUS due to manufacturing failure.2,8

Real-world data compiled via Oracle EBS data stored within Kite’s Analytics Platform. Turnaround time and manufacturing success rate data are accurate as of Q3 of 2022.5,6

Global commercial and clinical trial data in patients with R/R MCL after ≥2 lines of systemic therapy as of February 22, 2023.7

CAR=chimeric antigen receptor; CD=cluster of differentiation; EBS=E-Business Suite; MCL=mantle cell lymphoma; Q3=third quarter; R/R=relapsed or refractory; US=United States.

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